If you’ve been around BarDown for a while you’re probably familiar with our segment “Called Out” where we get teammates to call each other out for fun!

The 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup has kicked off and with Canada looking to win their first ever World Cup gold medal, we decided to put the Canadian Women’s National team players in the hot seat just before they head to Australia & New Zealand.

Have you ever wondered which player on Team Canada posts too much on socials? Who would forget their passport before travelling? Who loves karaoke but really should not? Now you can find out from the players themselves!



Some notable moments: 

It seems as if Vanessa Gilles has not been allowed to join an open acapella group within the team due to her skills. She was the unanimous pick for this category.

Jessie Fleming is the clear student of the game on the team. She was voted almost by all of her teammates as someone who studies the opponents before games, and was pleased to receive this compliment.

We will have to see how much studying went into this World Cup as Canada starts their World Cup journey tonight against Nigeria.

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