Social distancing is a term that you had likely never even heard before about a month ago. With COVID-19 precautions ramping up faster than the now-postponed Indy 500, the whole world knows about it now.

While the idea is simple – just stay a distance away from people – putting it into practice does bring some problems. Closeness is how the world runs, and all sorts of factors that you wouldn’t consider suddenly come into play. It’s like how you never realize how often you touch your face, until you are no longer supposed to touch your face.

I bet you want to touch your face now.

One of the main elements of social distancing that has proved to be a tough accommodation is food. We’re used to being able to get food handed to us, no questions asked, and that’s our sustenance for the time being. Now things are different, and the food industry is having to find creative ways to adapt.

For one Canadian food truck located in Pennsylvania, the answer is extremely Canadian. Similar to how some government offices have mandated how Canadians should measure social distancing, the Flying V Food Truck is using hockey sticks to hand over food packages.

And, my Canadian friends, what’s in the packages, you ask???

Poutine. Obviously. But it gets even more Canadian than that.




We want to first thank everyone today who paid it forward with some poutine love by donating or leaving a generous tip during the “Pay What You Can, Poutine Pick Up” service in Pburg. YOU made it possible for several people and family’s to have a comforting meal today with hopefully less financial anxiety. We are continuing to roll with this cause tomorrow at @funkbrewing from 12-6. Please continue to be conscious about social distancing. We will bring your food out to your car, no need to get out - we want to keep everyone safe! Matt will be running your order out with our sanitized hockey stick :ice_hockey_stick_and_puck: We just want to say we appreciate all of you! The order system is NOW open for tomorrow’s location (you can choose your pick up time at check out). FUNK brewing is also offering curb side pick up of their amazing beer in cans which you can also order online ahead of time. We have tagged them in this post - link is in their bio for beer! One stop shopping here in Emmaus for your weekend quarantine. :heart:

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The Food Truck has implemented a “pay-what-you-can” policy to help ensure that their patrons are being fed without being financially nervous. Staying open and putting yourself in harms way to make money is one thing, but to ensure everyone has a warm meal is another.




If you want a little bit of this hockey stick drop off action, you better get on our website and pre order your poutine right now!! We care so much for the safety of our staff and customers so Matt and I are kicking it old school and managing all the orders on the truck ourselves. We have encouraged our staff to stay home and stay safe but if you are venturing out swing by @lost_tavern_brewing and snag some :beer: and :fries: to brighten your day! Tips will continue to be appreciated and go right to our staff. We apologize for not taking orders tomorrow during service hours but it would be impossible for us to manage orders, cook food and slap shot :ice_hockey_stick_and_puck: some poutine into your car with just the two of us on the truck. So please plan ahead! Share this post, and get your orders in by 10 am Saturday morning or else you will miss out !! :heart::heart::heart:THANK YOU!!!

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Keep it up, guys!