You always have to be on guard in October because during the spookiest month of the year, people will try to scare you more than any other time of the year.

Scaring people is a staple of Halloween and usually the person doing the scaring is dressed up as something scary to make the experience that much more frightening for the person they're trying to terrify.

Carlton the Bear is the farthest thing from scary, but the Leafs' mascot still found a way to scare the Buds as a Halloween prank and their reactions were absolutely incredible.

There were a TON of great moments from that fantastic video.

Mitch Marner kicked things off by high-fiving Carlton after he got scared.  Andreas Johnsson, meanwhile, made an incredible catch while being scared so his phone wouldn't drop.  The moment that everyone will be talking about, though, is Auston Matthews' reaction to Carlton scaring him.

There's nothing more to say other than watch his reaction on loop and stay safe Wednesday night if you're going out for Halloween!

(H/T: Toronto Maple Leafs)