The idea for BarDown originally came from a video featuring Will Ferrell.

During a curling event in Winnipeg, Manitoba, we organized for Will to attend as his iconic 'Anchorman' character Ron Burgundy. As you can imagine, an incredible amount of content came from this event, and it was followed up by a half-hour show in which Will was interviewed by TSN's James Duthie in Toronto.

There was no question that it was all great content, but it didn't really feel like it had a place to live within the TSN brand. I needed to create a space for fun, engaging content. A space with a brand of its own.

So -- with incredible support from my bosses at the time -- I created something new; BarDown was born.

I remember our March 4th, 2014 launch like it was yesterday. Everything since then has been a fantastic blur.

Within the last decade, the landscape for sports content has seen a seismic shift. This is especially true in Canada, where hockey reigns supreme.

One of the main propellers for BarDown's success has come through an innovative use of YouTube. The group who truly understands that platform continues to play a pivotal role in ushering a new wave of hockey and sports content, across Canada and beyond.

By now, you likely know the names: DZ, Corwin, Sam, Luca, Marissa, Julia, Raegan, Eric, Jesse, and so many more great people working behind the scenes. They are the heartbeat for a new generation of sports content.

Unlike traditional sports broadcasting, which often values more formal and straightforward presentation, BarDown engages with fans on a more personal and interactive level. BarDown has been built into a platform that resonates with both hardcore hockey fans and those new to the sport.

This inclusive approach has helped to heighten the appeal of both hockey and sports in general. As a result, the BarDown brand has succeeded in attracting a diverse audience, including a wide array of ages, genders, and backgrounds.  

My hope is that the success of BarDown can pave the way for others, while continuing to prove that there is an appetite for fresh, innovative sports content. It has shown that the right blend of passion, creativity, and engagement make it possible to challenge the traditional gatekeepers of sports media, and to create a vibrant, inclusive community.

While I’m always telling the group to keep looking forward, after 10 years I believe it’s okay to take a look back and celebrate how far we have come.

Here’s is a video 10 years in the making.



Big thanks to DZ & the crew for making it happen.

Here’s to the next 10 years of Going BarDown…