The newest and most popular way for professional athletes to prank the rookies on the team is by filling their car with popcorn. After all, it’s a pretty easy and inexpensive prank to pull off and no one gets hurt in the long run.

On Wednesday night, Boston Celtics rookie Jaylen Brown became the latest victim of the popcorn prank. As the 20-year-old forward arrived at his car following his team’s victory, he noticed there was something different about it.


Good one ! I was gone watch a movie tonight anyway .. who need some 🍿 Tonight ? I gotchu

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He definitely could have returned to his car and found worse things, but it’s still a pain for anyone who has to clean it up.

Brown isn’t going down without a fight, though, as the youngster said he plans on getting revenge on his teammates who participated in the popcorn prank.

The Celtics have won three of their last four games and sit in second place in the Eastern Conference, so we’re guessing Brown wasn’t too upset about the prank this late into the season.

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