Though there was a glitch or two experienced along the way, the NHL’s outdoor games at Lake Tahoe turned out to be one of the most dazzling and memorable special events the league has ever pulled off.

The views were unbelievable, the hockey was great, and the player shenanigans was at an all-time high. Which we love!

After all, how often do we see an entire NHL team show up to a game in sick 90s fits?




It was epic!

The Bruins’ Charlie McAvoy has kept the fun and games going even after the event. The amazing scenery might have distracted you from some of the action on the ice, and the backdrop has actually made for an excellent game of Where’s Waldo.

Just check out this photo McAvoy posted and see if you can pick out where the other half of his hockey stick is!



Were you able to find it? (If not, check out the trees!)

(H/T: CMcAvoy44)