So we know Dominik Hasek is one of the greatest to ever do it, but of course, you don’t become one of the greatest without also possessing a great work ethic.

How much passion did the Dominator bring to the ice? Well, his former Detroit Red Wings teammate Chris Osgood told a story about an instance where Hasek, after allowing a shootout goal to a rookie Patrick Kane, forced his teammates into a shootout drill until he made 100 stops.

β€œSo we had to sit out there for a half hour, maybe more, probably more, and stop 100 breakaways before we could leave,” said Osgood on the Cam and Strick Podcast.

Osgood also told another story about how, as a 42 year old, Hasek once asked his teammates to take slap shots at him from the hash marks, just to test his reflexes.

The man was an absolute legend. Prospective goalies: Take note!

h/t Twitter/andystrickland