Chris Pronger became every hockey fan’s favourite player last weekend after he decided to get a little physical with Justin Bieber during the NHL All-Star Celebrity Game.

If you didn’t watch the game live, you more than likely ended up seeing this incredible photo that was snapped by an Associated Press photographer Mark J. Terrill, because it didn't take very long for it to go viral after the event.

On Thursday, Pronger, who works for the NHL’s Department of Player Safety, joked that he would be paying a fine of $5 after going through a one-man hearing.

"Just some good fun. A little massage to his back, a little face wash. I tried to hit the full spectrum."

Pronger was also asked if it was one of the happiest hits of his career, to which he responded with this.

"I wouldn’t go that far. Certainly getting a lot of mileage out of a photo, that’s for sure."

The 42-year-old defenceman joined the OverDrive guys earlier this week and discussed the entire event, but didn’t bring up the $5 fine.

Pronger discusses his hit on Bieber and the Top 100