When you hear the name Mike Scott your mind may go straight to Steve Carrell’s character on the American reboot of “The Office”. Maybe folk fans will think of the founder of “The Waterboys”. Basketball fans will think of the Los Angeles Clippers  power forward.

Maybe hockey fans will too now.

Scott, the former Atlanta Hawks and Washington Wizards player, averages 14.2 minutes each game, but it’s the minutes before the game even begins that we want to talk about. The forward, who claims he doesn’t even like hockey, has been seen consistently arriving at games wearing hockey jerseys.




Some may be wondering, just how many hockey jerseys does this guy own? Well, we have an answer straight from the horse’s mouth now. Scott told a broadcaster that he has upwards of 170 hockey jerseys!




Mike Scott hockey sweater update bc apparently dawg owns 170 (!!!) of them. 🏒

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170! That’s insane! To put it into perspective, there are NHL stars that have suited up in an NHL jersey for a regular season game less times than that number.

This list includes Buffalo Sabres starting goalie Carter Hutton (169 GP), Pittsburgh Penguins playoff juggernaut Jake Guentzel (167 GP), and Vegas Golden Knights defenceman Shea Theodore (161 GP). Even Toronto Maple Leafs superstar Auston Matthews has played just 175 regular season games.

Some are surprised to find out that Scott actually attended his first hockey game just over a year ago. While a member of the Wizards, Scott got to watch Alex Ovechkin score the overtime winner as the Washington Capitals sunk the Anaheim Ducks 3-2.

Hockey is starting to take over the NBA hallways these days…



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