Fans will do anything to try and get the best players in hockey like Sidney Crosby off their game, including chirping them when they're in the penalty box.  Fans are literally right there and as much players pretend like they don't hear what the fans are saying to them, they definitely hear every single chirp.

Wednesday night, the Penguins were in New York to face the Rangers and Crosby had a goal and an assist in the win.  He also took one penalty and apparently heard every chirp from this fan while in the box because after the game, he got the Pens' trainer to give the fan this stick:

Is Crosby the biggest beauty in the NHL?  Yes, yes he is.

If you're wondering what the chirps were, we are too, and luckily for us someone replied to the picture on Twitter to give some insight to that topic.

(H/T: MG35/Twitter