The Dallas Stars are one of the best social media teams in the NHL and have been for years.

So, it’s no surprise that when they’re making news in the hockey world, that they have a creative way to tell the story from their perspective. This week, it was there trade and now signing of Ben Bishop. Bishop is one of the tallest goalies to ever play in the NHL, so the nickname “Big Ben” is quite fitting.

So, the Stars decided to fit a Big Ben (They actually put the Parliament tower in but Big Ben is presumed to be inside) into the Dallas skyline.

Later on they made the real announcement, giving Ben Bishop a six-year, $29.5 million contract extension.

There are a lot of goalies in Dallas right now, it’s starting to look as crowded as the photoshopped skyline above. It’s entirely possible that Antti Niemi will be on the move,  we’ll have to wait and see if that requires one of those towers being photoshopped out upon his departure.