On Thursday, superstars from across the NBA were on the court for Team USA's minicamp and DeMar DeRozan was one of those players in attendance. 

DeRozan was traded to San Antonio last week in a trade that shocked not only him, but the basketball world itself and the fallout of the trade is still happening.  

DeRozan spoke to the media on Thursday and revealed that he hasn't spoke to Masai Ujiri since initially hearing the news of the trade and doesn't intend to again.

When the trade was first announced, reports surfaced that DeRozan claimed the Raptors lied to him because they said he wasn't going to be traded and he echoed that report in a recent interview, too.


While DeRozan has seemingly ended his relationship with Ujiri, he'll always have a special relationship with the city of Toronto and the Raptors fans.

(H/T: Josh Lewenberg)