Monday evening marked the return of former Raptors guard Terrence Ross. For the first time in Ross' career he would be wearing something other than a Raptors jersey while playing in the Air Canada Centre.

Following Ross' trade to the Magic at the deadline, the fan favourite penned an emotional letter in the Players Tribune titled 'Thank You Toronto' in which he stated "to me, Canada — it’s become like a home away from home." In that same letter Ross also wholeheartedly admitted that the only thing he knew about Canada was that it was cold, a sentiment that has been echoed by a lot of former players. Speaking after the Raptors big win over the Magic, DeMar DeRozan shared his thoughts on T-Ross' return and expressed how it made him happy to hear how much his former teammate missed playing in Toronto.


There has most definitely been a huge culture shift with the Toronto Raptors, with the team quickly turning into one of the hottest destinations (not literally of course) in the league after years of being viewed as an undesirable market by NBA players. 

Basketball in Canada continues to be on the rise.