Sean Combs –  aka Sean John, aka Puff Daddy, aka Puffy, aka P. Diddy, aka Diddy – is a hip hop mogul and knows a thing or two about diversifying his talents and income. From launching Sean John clothing, to having one of the most popular selling vodka’s in Ciroc, Diddy isn’t scared to try his hand at new endeavours, and you can now add curling to that list.

Would you ever have considered Diddy to get noticed for his curling skills? Likely not, but the rapper has tried his hand at the sport in the latest commercial for Ciroc in which he delivers a perfectly smooth draw to the button, or so we think. 


Be clear!! @Ciroc has been the smoothest! It’s a part of our DNA!! Watch this!!

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A perfectly smooth shot, and we’re not talking about Ciroc.

While Diddy’s head is digitally attached to a professional curler’s body, it’s still cool to see the stone slide with such precision down the ice with a person you’d never expect to be involved in the sport.

Considering Diddy’s popularity on social media and the fact that the video has over three million views on his Instagram account, it provides as a great promotion for the sport of curling.

(h/t Diddy)