St. Patrick's day is associated with one colour, green.

Everything's green for one day of the year, from beer, to outfits, to ice.  Yes, you read that correctly, ice.

The Kalamazoo Wings played on St. Patrick's day Friday and if you were watching the game, something immediately stood out.

They played the game on green ice!  How's that for a creative way to celebrate St. Patrick's day?

The 'Green Ice Game' tradition started back in 1982 when the Wings franchise dyed the ice with food colouring to become the first pro hockey team to ever play a game on coloured ice.

36 years later, the tradition is still alive and well.  Here's a behind the scenes look at the ice getting dyed for the game.

Don't be fooled by the goal GIFs the team tweeted out, the ice was green.
Kalamazoo didn't get the win, but they carried on one of the coolest and most unique traditions in hockey, which is as good as a win in our eyes.
Plus, they rocked some incredible jerseys, too.
(H/T: Kalamazoo Wings)