Eric Lindros has been out of the league for nearly a decade and a half, but anyone that watched him play can remember it like it were yesterday. His mixture of size and speed was something that the NHL hadn’t really seen before, and it all came together to create one of the most daunting power forwards in the game.

Unfortunately, concussions and other injury problems held him to 760 career games before retiring after the 2006-07 campaign. Now a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame, Big E is now entrenched in hockey lore.

He’s also carrying on his legacy in other ways, but our favourite is through his daughter Sophie, who adorably gave us a skating lesson that you can’t help but smile to.

Just pump your arms!

Sophie has got a set of wheels on her, that’s for sure. Maybe in a few decades, it will be Sophie watching her plaque get put up at the Hockey Hall of Fame.

(H/T Eric Lindros)