This is the first year of Jack Eichel’s NHL career that he is not playing alongside Evander Kane and as soon as he left he decided to switch his number.

During his three years with the Sabres, Kane wore number nine. He continues to wear number nine but instead for the San Jose Sharks and Jack Eichel has become the Sabres’ new number nine. They met for the first time since the number swap and luckily for us, Kane was mic’d up.

The two had a fun back and forth about the change.

Kane will be with the Sharks for a long time now, so maybe he’ll get that letter that he’s after in San Jose. For now, Eichel seems to be doing his job as the new number nine, because he has the Sabres in a playoff position.

It’s only 10 games in, but after years of lottery picks, we’re sure Sabres fans are already pretty excited.