Canada got it's yearly fix of Formula 1 action a couple weeks ago when auto racing's biggest stars came out to play in Montreal at the Canadian GP. Race day, and the days leading up to it, was a jam-packed week of fun, fandom, and overflowing amounts of content. 

Being Canada's Sports Leader, we obviously had people on the ground to help capture the magic of the event. Perhaps the biggest F1 fan BarDown has to offer -- DZ -- was among those with a microphone and camera equipment down in Montreal.

As part of the F1 content, DZ decided to quiz fans on the prices of F1 merch. With heavy branding involved in the merch, F1 has some of the most expensive merch around. It's safe to say some of the racing fans were pretty shocked at the prices. 


Excuse me? A Montblanc Enzo Ferrari LE 1898 Rollerball Pen is $5,300?!

Sheesh, we may have to search for a bargain bin next time we're in Montreal. Talk about breaking the bank!

No wonder Fernando Alonso wanted to get some up-close pics of it.