Playoffs are almost over, which means the remaining players are nearing closer to recovery time. This is an important time of the year seeing as most players are not exactly healthy after rough-and-tumble playoff hockey wraps up.

All would be playing through bumps and bruises, but some are playing through even more than that. Every time a team gets eliminated, new injury updates emerge revealing brutal ailments that players had been playing through. Well the Vegas Golden Knights aren’t eliminated, but they didn’t shy away from giving an injury update that resulted from what some saw as a questionable hit.


Fans thinking that Colin Miller was embellishing on the play may have to rethink after that update, but that by no means suggests that TJ Oshie, who Miller ran into on the play, should have been penalized. As it’s been noted by sources, the video clearly shows that Oshie never connected his elbow with Miller’s head, despite the exaggerated arm action. Miller went to hit Oshie and broke his nose on Oshie’s helmet as he braced for the hit.

(H/T Twitter/Vegas Golden Knights)