This year’s Stanley Cup win for the Tampa Bay Lightning meant one vital thing for a whole lot of hockey fans: confirmed beauty Patrick Maroon is a back-to-back Stanley Cup Champion.

Of course, Maroon nabbed his first Stanley Cup win in the 2018-2019 season with the fairy tale, worst-to-first St Louis Blues victory that made him a hometown hero.



This year, he took a leap and signed with the Tampa Bay Lightning. The addition of Maroon was one of the changes that finally propelled the Lightning past the playoff growing pains that had been plaguing the team in previous seasons, all the way to Lord Stanley. 



Not a bad couple years for Maroon, huh? His name was etched on to the Cup to live eternally in hockey history two years in a row, but fans have noticed something confusing about the way it was etched in each respective year. When he won with the Blues, his name was engraved ‘Patrick Maroon’. This year with the Lightning, though, it was simply ‘Pat Maroon’, as was pointed out by a whole lot of Twitter folks in this thread where both years are visible.



The only explanation as per Twitter?

He’s fully embraced life as a Florida man, with a completely new persona.




Will Pat Maroon win another Cup and revert all the way to P. Maroon? We’re not sure, but his celebrations are thoroughly entertaining, and we would definitely be interested in seeing another one of them.


(H/T: Twitter/TBLightning)