The All Star Skills competition is behind us, and every year, without fail, we are blown away by the sheer amount of pure skill we see on display at the event.

Oh, and whatever Nikita Kucherov was doing out there. 

Whatever the case, no matter how much we love watching out favourite players rip it up out there, we do have one issue with the whole event: it is completely unrelatable to us as below-average beer league players. 

You know we at BarDown are always game to make things interesting, so we had a little All Star Skills competition of our own, except we made it WAY more feasible for your average beer leaguer.
The competition starts right away, because everyone knows the first battle of rec league is just getting to the rink and getting on the ice. So why not see who can complete this near-impossible feat the fastest?

While a hot lap without a helmet may be a death wish for anyone who's not an NHL player, a hot lap after eating some hot WINGS? Much more feasible. 

Accuracy shooting judged by picking corners? Not overly likely that'll go well for us beer-leaguers. But a shooting contest where the target is the goalie's stomach? Yeah, that sounds perfect! 

This skills competition wasn't quite NHL tryout worthy, but it might have been more entertaining than the real thing. 

But don't take our word for it, check it out for yourself!   


Think we should modify the competition for next year? Let us know what other skills we have to put to the test @BarDown!