As one of the Toronto Raptors’ two-way players last season, Jordan Loyd wasn’t eligible to play for the team in the playoffs, but he was a part of the team’s championship experience. It’s always nice for a young player to experience a winning program firsthand — and evidently, Loyd was able to learn a thing or two from Kyle Lowry.

After the Raptors’ Game 4 win against the Golden State Warriors to go up 3-1 in the series, Loyd recounts the excitement he felt at being just one win away from the championship — as well as Lowry making sure to check Loyd’s excitement before the job was done.

The Raptors waived Loyd in the offseason and he’s currently under contract in the Euroleague, but like the man said, being a part of that championship team was a valuable learning experience even if he didn’t contribute on the court directly.

And, of course... Loyd got himself a championship ring, too. That’s always nice!

As for Lowry, it’s no surprise that he would be the one with words of wisdom in the locker room. Can you think of a better leader?!

h/t Twitter/mrjloyd​