They’ve been talked about a lot, but because they have been so good from day one, it still feels like this whole Golden Knights story gets a little overlooked.

This is an expansion team that finished second in their conference, first in their division and broke just about every record held by expansion teams across all sports. Add in the tragic events that occurred right before the season, how the fans have rallied around the team and so many other storylines that occurred throughout the season as well.

Well, after a year that many will hope to never forget, the Golden Knights are offering them a way to become fans forever: Free Vegas Golden Knights Tattoos!

This is amazing and couldn’t be a more fitting way to kick off their first NHL playoff party.

The way Vegas is portrayed in movies and TV shows, people assume a lot of regrettable tattoos come out of that city, but we’re pretty sure nobody is going to regret this one. Regardless of what happens in the playoffs, we can’t imagine this season being looked back at as anything other than a resounding success.

So, if you were considering making a Vegas trip for the playoffs, you could save some money on a tattoo.

The tattoos will be done by artists from Revolt Tattoos and while the tickets are free, you can still donate money which will go entirely to the VGK Foundation.

Of course, plenty of people are ahead of the game on this one and will be able to show up wearing their loyalty on their sleeves, literally.