The Green Bay Packers are emphasizing that "enough is enough" when it comes to racial injustice and police brutality.

A group of players teamed up to make a powerful video in which they expressed their feelings about the death of George Floyd and reminded those watching that we are all human. The group stressed the need for structural reform and emphasized the importance of educating children on the subject of racism.

In just three hours, the video accumulated nearly 875,000 views.


It received plenty of positive feedback from fans all over the NFL:


Teams around the league have released statements of their own, however, the Packers are the first to share a personal video of a group of their players speaking out. A statement from Aaron Rodgers on his Instagram page also went viral, as he insisted that locking arms and taking a knee has never been about the American anthem or its flag.



โ€œListen with an open heartโ€ - Aaron Rodgers speaks up about the protests.

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Time will tell if other NFL teams follow the Packers' lead on this one.

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