Gregg Popovich makes a living off of crushing the spirits of media members. Of course he’s earned this right by becoming one of the most successful NBA coaches of all-time, with basically anyone around the league seeping with respect for the man that has made theSan Antonio Spurs one of the leauge’s most consistent models of success.

On Saturday, following the Spurs loss to a Finals-contending Golden State Warriors team, Popps was in his expected mood – blunt and sarcastic. He warmed up the group of reporters by questioning their choice in product placement, and then went on to execute another entertaining bout of reporter intimidation.


Popovich has developed such a distinct reputation for his dry responses, reporters have started to catch on and learn how to deal with it a little more effectively. Well, maybe effectively isn’t the right word for it.


While these interviews were not quite “scary”, the feeling that does come out of the oddball responses stems from Popovich’s complete lack of fear to speak out when he’s upset about something. For example, Zaza Pachulia…


Well Popovich may not be heading to the Conference finals, like most other years, you can still be certain that his answers are going to keep hitting the money.