Philadelphia Flyers mascot Gritty has made headlines again (surprise, surprise), but this time it wasn’t him who actually did anything.

Newly acquired goaltender Calvin Pickard is making his third home for himself in the NHL in Philadelphia, and decided to have some fun with his new helmet by sticking a photo of the team’s beloved new mascot on it. Check out the sweet artwork of the googly-eyed monster.


Confirmed: Gritty looks creepy in both person and on goalie helmets.

The Mascot, who was introduced by the organization on September 24th, has been all over the internet, but most recently made noise after he went on a bit of a tangent ahead of the Flyers’ Tuesday night date with the San Jose Sharks. The guy simply lost his cool!!!!



Let’s just say Gritty isn’t a fan of sharks... @bardown . Via @grittynhl

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Over the weeks, Gritty has already accumulated 126K followers on Twitter. The NHL simply hasn’t seen a mascot like this before.



Break the Internet, #Gritty. •• (📷: @bardown via Twitter/GrittyNHL)

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