Well, folks, we may have some terrifying news for you.

If you thought one Gritty was enough to give you that perfect balance between hilarious and downright nightmare fuel, wait until you hear about the new guy in town.

Yep, you heard that right. There is another Gritty with the Philadelphia Flyers.

In a series of videos posted to Gritty’s Twitter account Wednesday evening, Gritty introduced his skinnier, shorter, and ultimately just even more terrifying version of himself as his intern, who remains nameless at this time.

We’re starting to question if someone tossed water on Gritty or fed him after midnight because we’re getting some serious Gremlins vibes after seeing these videos.

And of course, fans online joined in on exactly what Gritty asked and roasted the intern. Hey, if you build it they will come!

We feel like this is a conflict of interest. We’re thinking Gritty pulled a Michael Scott by hiring his nephew as the intern vibes because there is no way these two aren’t related.