It’s without a doubt that Stranger Things has become a universally loved phenomenon. 

Odds are you probably have sat on your couch for hours at a time for every season release. Don’t worry, us too! 

So as a sports fan, there’s nothing better than when worlds collide (unless it’s the Upside Down, of course) and we have Stranger Things sports moments.

Especially when Stranger Things star Caleb McLaughlin revealed ahead of Season Four: Volume One, he wore number 8 for the Hawkins basketball team as a nod to his own personal hero, Kobe Bryant.

So whether it’s a themed night or sports moment, we’re sharing some of our favourite all-time Stranger Things x Sports moments!

Max Holloway Walkout UFC

This recent moment was absolutely electric. Even if you aren't a UFC fan, you have to admit this moment was awesome.


Indiana Fever 

Taking place in the fictional town of Hawkins located in Indiana, the Fever adopted the Stranger Things into not only their jerseys, but even into their starting line ups.


Chicago Cubs Theme Nights

The Chicago Cubs might be the coolest team in the league SOLELY because they’ve hosted not one, but TWO Stranger Things nights over the last few years.


Stranger Things Night Durham Bulls

If the Cubs’ Stranger Things night wasn’t enough, the Durham Bulls have ALSO done multiple Stranger Things themed nights.


Houston Astros Stranger Things Night

Continue the theme night fun, the Astros held a Stranger Things night just a few weeks ago! 


Stranger Things x New York Knicks

Last, but certainly not least, a favourite moment definitely has to be when stars David Harbour and Noah Schnapp shared the news of Season 4 being released soon while on the Jumbotron!

So there you have it! If we missed a favourite sports x Stranger Things moment, let us know! @BarDown