Every hockey player understands the importance of a good pre-game meal.

You wake up from your nap, put in your contact lenses if necessary, and heat up a nice plate of food before hitting the ice. One of the most popular pre-game choices is a healthy serving of pasta, but most people will agree that Washington capitals all-star Alex Ovechkin's dish isn’t exactly nutritious.

In a recent Player’s Tribune article, Caps defenceman Brooks Orpik broke down every step of his captain’s pre-game meal tradition. The serving sounds pretty savage based on his description.

The following excerpt is from the Player’s Tribune:

“We have a chef here who prepares our pregame meals. Ovi always orders the same thing — Mama Luccia, which is this pasta dish that’s like chicken parm with noodles, bread, cheese, the kind of thing you want to take a five-hour nap after eating. He makes a big display of it too. There’s no shame. It’ll be eleven in the morning, way before anyone is really thinking about eating lunch, and Ovi will walk into the dining area yelling, “Mama Luccia! Mama Luccia!” I don’t know. It’s weird, but it seems normal now.”

Orpik went on to call the meal “inspiring.”

The whole thing sounds like a bit much before hitting the ice, though anyone can agree Ovy probably shouldn’t change a thing about his game. It’s no coincidence that he’s been able to lay these types of hits on his opponents throughout the years.

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With the Capitals two games away from the Stanley Cup Final, don’t expect Ovy to change a thing about his diet.