The BarDown squad is back in Peterborough with a vengeance! 

Corwin, Jesse, Julia and Raegan have yet another challenge but this time against the entire Petes team. Last year, the boys took the ice with Petes goalie Michael Simpson to see just how good a 60 overall goalie is in real life, and it didn't go so well. 

With the team being rated at 56 overall, we decided to see how we would do against them in a good ole game of three on three. Whoever gets to 11 goals first wins!

Yes, we already know what you’re thinking… so we added a kicker. 

Since this is an OHL team that we’re dealing with, BarDown got a head start of six goals. That’s only fair right? 

Wish us luck!


No amount of cardio could have prepared us for this.