NHL 24 has arrived! We already know that Cale Makar is our cover athlete, but what else can we expect from the latest edition of every hockey fan's favourite video game? Well, we have the answers! And we have a clever way of illustrating them, with the help of a VERY special guest...


Cale joined Jesse, Corwin, and Luca on the ice to participate in various activities, each one with the purpose of relating to a new game feature. Without further ado, let's hop into it!



Exhaust Engine – Sustained Pressure!

To highlight a new feature in NHL 24 in which sustained offensive zone pressure increases likeliness of scoring, we had Cale go head to head with Luca on offence, and Corwin on defence, to show how sustained pressure can ware down your opponent.

Physics Based Contact – Keep away!

To highlight the improved physics-based contact in NHL 24, we had Cale go head-to-head with the guys in a puck possession drill of keep away. 


Human Goalie Control – Reflex Test!

To highlight reflex improvements, the guys put goaltender Jesse to the test. Jesse would face his own cage, and when he would turn around he would immediately receive a shot. Safe to say Jesse’s reflexes were put to the test!


Total Control Skill Move – C.H.E.L.!

To highlight the user’s ability to have total control during skill moves in NHL 24, we had the guys take on Cale at a game of C.H.E.L., which is essentially the same as H.O.R.S.E. or S.K.A.T.E. if you’ve ever played those!


Quick Pass – Vision Passing System

NHL 24 is implementing assigned buttons for passing to ensure users can send the puck where they want to. To highlight this, the guys competed with Cale in an event where the shooter receives commands on which target to shoot for, and then they do their best to follow through.

…Cale was the best.