Nearly nine months after a devastating bus crash that killed 13 of his teammates, Humboldt Broncos defenceman Layne Matechuk is back on skates. Matechuk was kept in Saskatchewan’s City Hospital for months until he was eventually released on October 5. He was left with a brain injury that affected his speech and movement on the right side of his body, but he seems to be making progress in his recovery.

On Tuesday night, a video revealed the 18-year-old skating and taking shots. Matechuk made sure to rock his Broncos jersey and helmet and showed well for his first time back on blades. Here’s a look at what he was able to do:



It’s inspiring to see that Matechuk is just one of the surviving players to make a return to the game. His teammate Kaleb Dahlgren showed off some slick moves on his driveway just a few months after the incident. Dahlgren eventually signed on with U Sports’ York Lions.


Meanwhile, teammates Ryan Straschnitzki and Jacob Wasserman, who were both paralyzed in the crash are making their return in sledge hockey. They shared a pretty special moment in a charity game together.


After April 6th’s devastating crash, things look to be going up for the surviving broncos players. Congrats to Layne for making his return!

(H/T Kevin Matechuk)