The NHL Playoffs are just a couple of weeks away, and all of a sudden the Eastern Wild Card spots are completely up in the air. Pittsburgh is putting together a last minute rally, and teams like Philadelphia are clinging to life. 

While those teams jockey for the final playoff spots, Corwin, Luca, Jesse and Poc, are already jumping ahead to the playoffs in the latest BarDown Podcast.

The task: create a list of your Top 25 Playoff Players, using players from the 16 teams currently in a playoff spot. At the time of recording, Washington held the final Wild Card spot in the East, which as of now is held by the Islanders.

So what are the criteria for their lists? Well, it differed for everybody.

How much do you value past playoff performances? How much do you value defenceman and goalies versus forwards? How much do regular season stats weigh into the equation? 

All of these questions were clearly answered differently, as Corwin, Luca, Jesse and Poc each finished with four very unique top 25’s. With so much star power entering the playoffs, it’s definitely difficult to cut the field to just 25. I mean, Jesse accidentally expanded his list to 26 players.



Who’s list do you agree with the most, and which player do you think was snubbed/overhyped?

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