We all know that Vegas is never short on extravagance, just watch literally any Hollywood movie set in the city or visit the blinding lights for yourself, so when it was announced that the Nevada metropolis would be home to a professional sports franchise we knew it would be… let’s just say different.

Enter the Vegas Golden Knights, the NHL’s newest franchise (not including the impending Seattle expansion). The Knights exploded into the hockey world both on and off the ice, balancing a Stanley Cup run in their inaugural year with an unmatched level of entertainment for fans beyond hockey.

Massive, theatrical performances. Players starring in hilarious videos. An unforgettable social presence. The Golden Knights brought the heat upon entering the NHL, and they raised the temperature another notch with the latest announcement.

The most Vegas move. Hopefully no players have a falling out with the team or the houses on that block could be in for an INTERESTING week.

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(H/T Jesse Granger, The Athletic)