Interviewing Kids In The Penalty Box is back! This time, for the first time, we attended a high school hockey tournament -- a Canlan Classic Tournament -- to interview angsty teenagers.

Another first to occur in this edition; a girls game! The penalties there did not disappoint. It almost seemed like a couple of the penalties were intentional as 2 minutes in the sin bin guaranteed an interview with Corwin. We got to know Taylor from Bill Crothers Secondary School quite well as she took a couple minors to show off her bucket hang and candy cane skull tape.

The ultimate performance was from our boy Tommy, also from Bill Crothers (side note; Bill Crothers is so talented that they had numerous teams in this tournament). While Tommy might have only shown us 75% of his skill level, he still managed to score a double hat-trick, potentially earning him a statue in front of Bill Crothers Secondary School? That’s the only thing we can think of that would be deserving of his incredible performance.

Now to the kids, the bread and butter of this series. Who doesn’t like a little attitude toward Corwin? Either our friend Griffin in the Sharks jersey doesn’t like taking penalties, or wanted no part of this interview, so much that he didn’t even care when his team scored a short-handed goal. Griffin wasn’t the only one who felt indifferent about sitting in the box with Corwin, Nathan from Vaughan flat out told Corwin to stop talking after getting some insightful tips on how to keep his parents off his back. Kids these days, eh…



We’ve seen a wide range of style over the course of this series, but perhaps nothing tops the ref’s half cage visor. If you had to penalize one piece of style, would that be one of them?

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