One of the great things about sports is the never-ending list of debatable topics.

Michael Jordan or LeBron James? Biggest bust in sports history? Greatest sports team of all-time?

There are a lot of sports related questions out there that have multiple answers to them just based on the person you’re talking to and that’s something that will never change. Sports fans are never going to see to eye on everything, even if they’re the best of friends or blood relatives, so we decided to have our own Luca Celebre and Jesse Pollock give their takes on whether or a jersey is considered a shirt or not, if wrestling is considered a sport, and if Luca has the right to be a Colorado Avalanche fan since he's from Toronto, in our first edition of BarDown’s (Not So) Great Sports Debates.

Where do you stand after all that? Are you siding with Luca and agreeing that jerseys and shirts are entirely different things, or are you on Jesse’s side and think that they’re both the exact same thing? 

Let us know!