Canada had a heartbreaking departure from the 2018-19 World Juniors when their promising campaign ended abruptly on the stick of Finland’s Aarne Talvitie.

Talvitie’s OT goal (which deflected off a Canadian stick) capped off a loss loaded with hurt after Canada rode a 1-0 lead into the final minute of the game. After a Finnish goal in the final minute sent it to overtime, Noah Dobson had a golden opportunity to end the game with a one timer on a yawning cage, but unfortunately for the Canadians his stick broke.



Ouch, it stings that much more now that Canada has packed their bags and left the tournament. It is the first time ever that Canada has not medaled on home soil, a feat they were certainly expecting to do.

Now, in a gesture that is either classy or a backhanded salt-in-the-wound move, a Finnish hockey stick company sent a gift to Dobson.



Hmm, it’s worded very politely, but we’re thinking this is a troll job. Saying that, maybe a new stick will bring Dobson some luck. The New York Islanders sure hope so, they drafted him 12th overall in the 2018 NHL entry draft.

(H/T PAMA Hockey)