Just about every professional athlete can agree on one thing and that’s the importance of a good pre-game playlist. On Wednesday, Super Bowl XLIV champion Jabari Greer took over the TSN Snapchat account and caught up with members of the New England Patriots to ask them who they plan on listening to on Sunday to get pumped up.

On Thursday, Greer switched things up a little bit and turned the focus away from the Super Bowl by asking members of the Patriots if they believe Tom Brady is actually the mastermind behind his social media accounts or if he has a ghost writer handling everything behind-the-scenes.

Greer caught up with defensive tackle Alan Branch, as well as two of Brady’s long-time teammates Rob Ninkovich and Patrick Chung.

We’re a little shocked that Ninkovich and Chung didn’t just lie and say that it’s all Brady behind his accounts, but we appreciate their honesty on this one.

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Facebook/Tom Brady

Whether he actually does some of the work or not, the Patriots quarterback still has one of the more entertaining social media accounts in all of sports.