Earlier today, rumours came out that Alex Radulov’s decision would likely come down to Dallas and Montreal, so Jamie Benn saw an opportunity.

Late last season, Jordie Benn (Jamie’s brother) was traded from Dallas to Montreal, so now each team has one of the Benn brothers. With one brother on each side, Jamie thought up a way that would make the Radulov and the teams’ lives easier – a quick game of bubble hockey.

There has yet to be a decision shared by Benn, so perhaps a winner has been crowned and now they’re just sorting out the details with Radulov.

This wouldn’t be the first thing to decide Radulov’s deal either. Reports came out earlier in the offseason that the main thing holding up his deal beforehand was his divorce. Now that he got that all cleared up though he is free to sign wherever he wants, but we’re not sure bubble hockey will be the deciding factor.