Coaching is a very underrated part of any game. Sure, they’re not actually involved in the plays but they’re the ones who draw everything up and attempt to grow the chemistry between their players. You might not notice just how much a coach does for a team until you finally suit up for a beer league game, and then once you do it’s pretty easy to notice.

Since a lot of rec-league hockey teams aren’t fortunate enough to have a coach on their bench every single week, Corwin and Jesse thought they would play a little dress up and help those teams out by taking over as their bench boss.

We’re sure most rec-league teams wouldn’t mind having a coach stand behind their bench on a weekly basis but we’re guessing that a majority of them, if not all of them, would like to have someone they actually know behind the bench. They might not be the most qualified bench bosses out there, but you’ve got to give them credit for putting their heart and soul into it every time they stepped on a different bench, regardless if they were actually wanted back there or not.

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Who knows, maybe you’ll have a random head coach on your bench the next time you finish a shift in your rec-league game. Just don’t take their advice if they tell you to take the too many men penalty.