The rivalry between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones has been well documented since their first fight in 2015.

Saturday night, the bad blood finally took centre stage in the octagon for the second time as the two squared off for the title.  Just like the first time, though,

Jones won the fight, only this time by finishing it rather than allowing it to go to a decision.

After the fight, fans may have expected Jones to be all cocky and confident on the mic, but he was exactly the opposite.

Jones was emotional and you could tell he's not the same man that he was when he beat DC the first time.

In fact, despite the perceived bad blood between the two fighters, Jones thanked Cormier in a very emotional and classy post-fight moment.


That right there is what it's all about.  At the end of the day, for one moment it looked like Jones and Cormier put their past behind them to produce a beautiful moment of respect.

While Cormier didn't say much after the fight, we imagine he appreciated the kind words from Jones at the very least.

(H/T: UFC)