Jordan Binnington is having himself an offseason.

The rookie has been loving life since helping the Blues capture its first Stanley Cup and on Friday, it was his turn to share the trophy with his home city. Binnington put the hardware on full display for the people of Richmond Hill before finally spending a little alone time with it in his bedroom. Both Binner, and the cup passed out together with hot towels on their head, making for one of the funnier photos ever taken with Lord Stanleyโ€™s mug.


Who did it better?!



So... is Nastya just sleeping on the couch, or...? . (๐Ÿ“ท: @nastyashubskaya)

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Both Binnington, and the cup were given a nice little surprise during their visit back to Canada, when they discovered the City of Richmond Hill decided to add a nice little piece to the bottom of its sign. Weโ€™d like to remind you that a certain someone with the name Connor McDavid was also born in the same city!


This is the summer of Jordan Binnington and everyone just needs to deal with it.


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