It's always fun to see athletes in movies or television shows because they're out of their comfort zone and it shows off their personalities more than the countless amount of interviews do.

That being said, Blue Jays fans already know how awesome of a person Josh Donaldson is and they're most certainly accustomed to his incredible personality.

With Edwin Encarnacion gone and Jose Bautista likely in a different uniform as well come next season, Donaldson is now the face of the Blue Jays franchise, and the face that leads the Jays recently took fans behind the scenes on the set of "Vikings" ahead of his cameo appearance on the show.

Once the baseball days are over for Donaldson, don't be surprised if he ends on more television shows.

Aside from acting and training, Donaldson has also been golfing a lot this offseason as he prepares to try and help the Jays get past the ALCS this time around and win the World Series.

(H/T: Josh Donaldson)