LaVar Ball has done it again.

The 50-year-old has pretty much made every ridiculous claim in the book, and he may have stated his boldest yet when discussing the future of his three boys. When asked about what’s In store for LiAngelo, LaMelo and Lonzo, Ball claimed that Lonzo would not re-sign with the Los Angeles Lakers unless they bring on all three of his sons. His justification for the claim was that “Lonzo plays best with his brother,” and suggested the team wouldn’t have to pay ‘Gelo’ $15 million because “they make so much money off the court.”

Championship, championship, championship. Can’t you already picture it?

Ball has done a tremendous job of putting his family on the map but he may have gone too far with his latest comments. He’s got to be crazy to believe he can persuade Magic Johnson to pull off any move he has no intention of pursuing. With that said, it would be pretty interesting to see three brothers on the team. For now, basketball fans can only dream (or have terrible nightmares).

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At just 16, LaMelo still has time before he even considers playing in the NBA. By then, fans should know the type of player Lonzo is and whether or not he could actually have any say in the team drafting his brother. This whole thing seems like a bit of a joke, but you never know with LaVar Ball.

(h/t Donata Urbonas