You think you take your backyard rink building seriously? Wait until you see this.

As Canadians, we may really pride ourselves on our backyard rink building skills, but it's important we recognize that our neighbours south of the border can definitely hold their own in rink building as well. Shawn Carlon of Maple Grove Minnesota has managed to build a backyard rink so cool that it requires a drone camera to really capture how awesome it is. Using waterproof LED lights and a flooring plan, Carlon managed to create one of the most visually appealing backyard rink you'll ever see.

 If you're wondering how Carlon managed to map out the design and execute it to perfection, it's worth noting that the Minnesota resident owns a flooring business, so he's fairly familiar with mapping out floor plans.

Surprisingly, according to an interview Shawn did with a local CBS station, the Carlon's aren't a hockey family. So why go out of your way to build a supremely cool backyard hockey rink using LED lights for the lines? In Shawn's own words: "I do it for the kids."

(H/T: CBS Minnesota)