Tuesday night in Los Angeles at the Staples Center saw two worlds collide as Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather crossed paths while taking in a Clippers game.

Speaking with "The Schmo" during a charity basketball game in L.A., Pacquaio was presented with a proposal much like the Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson pay per view event that saw the two golfers go 1v1 in a showdown of the ages out on the links.

The proposal? No, it's not a boxing match, but rather a good old game of 1v1 out on the basketball court.

While the interview appeared to be filmed in a joking manner, Pacquiao actually played basketball over in his home country of the Philippines, for KIA Sorento of the Philippine Basketball Association. 

Would Mayweather dare accept the challenge? He might want to think twice if a large amount of dough is at stake, but then again, he's also the richest athlete on the planet.

But for his own dignity, he might want to check out these highlights before if he were to ever entertain the offer.

But for now, Mayweather seems more interested in telling people that they're simply "all up in his business."


Would you pay $9.99 to watch them duke it out on the basketball court instead of the boxing ring?

Pacquiao is set to defend his WBA welterweight belt against Adrien Broner on January 18th in Las Vegas.

(h/t The Schmo)