At this point we’re seriously wondering, was anybody ever mad about Josh Ho-Sang wearing the number 66?

Of course there was, but it seems like such a silly thing to be upset about, especially considering Ho-Sang’s reason for wearing the number. It’s not a retired number and aren’t we taught as children that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?



Do you think 66 is off limits?

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Apparently it’s not just us who thought it was a silly story, but Mario Lemieux as well. When speaking to the Post Gazzette, he had this to say:


“I’m fine with it, It’s just a number. Number 4 and number 9 were worn by great players (Bobby Orr and Gordie Howe, respectively), and they are not retired forever. Players can choose whatever number they want.”


So there you have it. If there really is anyone upset about Ho-Sang’s number choice, that has to help alleviate the pain a little bit. Lemieux doesn’t mind, so neither should anyone else.