All of Washington is in celebration mode (er... except for Bryce Harper maybe...), and the party is about to make it's way across the borders of hockey and into baseball. The Stanley Cup is heading to Nationals Park, home of the Washington Nationals. 


While Nats superstar hitter Bryce Harper may be disappointed with the result, as his hometown Vegas Golden Knights were the victims in the Caps iconic win, Nats superstar pitcher Max Scherzer is the polar opposite. 

Scherzer has made it very clear where his allegiance lies through a series of hilarious tweets throughout the Stanley Cup Playoffs. 

​That last Tweet is pretty much the best tweet you can expect from a professional baseball player, and you can bet he'll be hyped up when he Caps drop by Nationals Park with the most treasured hockey trophy. 

(H/T Twitter/Max Scherzer)