In life, father time is a big reason why people stop doing what they love to do, like playing sports.

Nobody can outrun time, and eventually, age catches up with everyone, although many hockey fans probably think that's not true based on what Jaromir Jagr's been able to do at the age of 45.




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Apparently age doesn't catch up with everyone, though, and Mark Sertich is living proof of that.

The 95-year-old man from Minnesota has been playing since 1931, but according to him, he didn't get really serious about hockey until he was 80:


Mark owns the Guinness World Record for 'Oldest Ice Hockey Player' and he even played in Snoopy's Senior World Hockey Tournament, in Santa Rosa, California, USA, on 22 July 2016.

The attention Mark gets is nothing new, either as he's been a star for a long time.


We hope we have the good fortune of playing into our 80s and 90s like Mark.  He's an inspiration and we imagine a joy to play with and against on the ice.

(H/T: Great Big Story)