Seemingly every year, the Toronto Maple Leafs make the playoffs, get the whole city hyped up, and then promptly make an early exit. Sure, they made it to the 2nd round last postseason, but there’s no denying it’s been a disappointing stretch in Leafs Land.

Regardless, every year fans will gather in Maple Leaf Square to watch, cheer, and – undoubtedly – wallow as one.

The fan experience at Leafs Square has evolved through the years, and throughout that time it’s been closely documented. This year, however, we wanted to bring you closer than ever before with the power of technology!

You know, as much technology as it takes to stick a microphone on fans and film their experience.

From Game 1 all the way through to Game 7, we mic’d up a variety of fans cheering on the blue and white. We even mixed in one fan cheering for the black and yellow.



From the highs to the lows, with all the twists and turns in between, one thing is certain: watching Leafs fans in their most excitable environment is extremely entertaining.  

From the “rat” shots at Brad Marchand, to the sarcastic remarks regarding Mitch Marner’s contract, there was a lot to be said. Unfortunately for Leafs fans, this year’s content reached a hard-cap of seven games.

Better luck next year, Leafs Nation.